Edirne Tour ( Adrianople )

After leaving the hotel and by private car drive from Istanbul to Edirne ( Adrianople ) one by one visit the Selimiye Mosque,Selimiye Arastası (Bazaar),Üç Serefeli Camii,Eski Mosque ( Old Mosque ),II. Bayezid Complex, Health Care Museum


Selimiye Mosque
It was built in Edirne during 1568-1575 by architect Mimar Sinan upon the orders of Sultan Selim II. Mimar Sinan has referred to this mosque as his masterpiece. It has 4 minarets, each with three galleries, and 71 m high.

Selimiye Arastası (Bazaar)
This arasta was designed by the architect Davut Ağa by order of Murat III in order to bring in revenue for Selimiye Mosque. It is 255 m long with 73 arches and has 124 shops. The traveller, Evliya Çelebi, wrote that the name of the shopping center was “Kavaflar Çarşısı” (Bargain Bazaar). The shopkeepers here pray and promise each day under the prayer dome that they will do business honestly.


Üç Serefeli Camii
The Üç Serefeli Mosque, named after its unusual minaret with three balconies (serefe), was built between 1437 and 1447 (841-851 A.H.) by Murad II. Damaged in the 1752 earthquake, the mosque was repaired in 1763 by order of Mahmud III. A major restoration took place in 1930, with additional work on frescoes in 1999. The Koranic School (mekteb) and the soup kitchen (imaret) of the larger complex no longer exist while the madrasa (medrese) -called Saatli or Timekeeper’s- and the dar’ül hadis have survived in heavily restored condition.

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Eski Mosque ( Old Mosque )
Eski Cami was begun in 1403 by Emir Sulevman and completed in 1414 by Mehmed I. Haci Alaaddin from Konya is the architect of the mosque. It is a perfect square building measuring 49.50 m. per side. Four huge square piers support nine equal domes (13.5 m. in diameter).

Bedesten (Bazaar)
It was built in 1417-1418 by Çelebi Mehmet as a religious foundation for the Old Mosque. It has 14 domes made of lead and an ornamental wall covered with two colours of hewn stone.


Clock Tower
Macedonia Clock Tower was located in the northeastern of the Fortress. It was used as an arsenal for a long time. In 1866, after the addition of wooden floors and clocks by Hacı İzzet Paşa, the tower became the Clock Tower and the clock here, was called as Nation’s Clock (Millet Saati). In 1894 the wooden floors were removed and three floors built of stones were constructed.

Castle Ruins
The construction of the Edirne Palace had started during the reign of Sultan Murad Iat the west of Tunca over a wide area in 1450. After the death of Sultan Murad II in 1451, his son Fatih Sultan Mehmed completed the construction of the palace. Among the ruins are, Cihannüma Kasrı (Worldwide Mansion), Kum Kasrı Hamamı (Sand Mansion Bath), Babusseade, Matbahi Amire and Adalet Kasrı (Justice Mansion).

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II. Bayezid Complex, Health Care Museum
One of the Earliest Medical Schools—Founded in 1488
A “ku¨lliye” is an Ottoman Architectural concept that designates a complex
with a central mosque and a series of ancillary buildings

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